Financial Support

St. Peter's Church is not all paid for by some mythical, central fund of money. To exist and to further its aims as a charity, its work must be paid for. When we speak of raising money for Church Funds, we mean that it is necessary to cover our expenses as a Parish, to pay for church running costs, and to provide a modest stipend for the Parish Priest to live on. Some of these funds are administered by the PCC directly, others are dealt with by the Diocese. By far the largest item of Parish expenditure is the contribution we make towards our share of Parish Ministry Costs.

What are the Parish Ministry Costs?
Parish Ministry Costs (PMCs) are the way that the Diocese calculates the core expenses of Parish churches. Among other things, it fixes the stipend of clergy throughout the Diocese, ensuring a fair recompense for all priests, wherever they may minister.

The FULL cost of providing us with a part-time parish priest for 2018 was £34,828, but we were only able to pay about 45% of that, so we have had to be subsidised by the Diocese and Deanery for the balance. However, as the chart below shows, our parish benefits directly, or indirectly, from practically all of these Parish Ministry Costs:

Parish Ministry Costs

How may I support St. Peter's Church?
There are various ways of giving, and each of them has its merits.

For more information, please speak to the Treasurer.

Leaving a legacy to St. Peter's Church
If you are considering whether to leave a legacy to St. Peter's, please click here for more information.