What is Confirmation?
Just as a wedding is only the beginning of a lifelong relationship with husband/wife, so the sacrament of Confirmation is the beginning of a lifelong communion with the Lord and His Church, lived around His holy Altar.

This is what I believe
You will be professing the faith of the Church, set out compactly in her Creeds (statements of belief), which you hear Sunday by Sunday.
You will be examined and then confirmed in the faith by a Bishop of the Church of England in the Diocese of Chichester. This is a very important symbol that the Church is one in her faith, and that Parish Priests are appointed by the Bishop as he cannot visit all his Diocese at once, and yet he cares for all his flock.

In preparation for this, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Sacraments of the Church, and how they nuture us along the Way to new life in Christ.
  • Learn about the Ceremonies of the Church, and how they give form to our prayer and praise.
  • Learn about the Liturgical Calendar of the Church, and how it gives depth and meaning to the changing seasons of the year.
  • Seek answers about any matters of the Christian life which may have struck you as important, difficult, or puzzling.

Whom shall I speak to?
From time to time, we run Confirmation preparation classes, and confirmations take place in the Deanery every year, although not necessarily at St Peter’s. If you are baptised, and would like to learn more deeply about the faith, and confirm the vows made at your Baptism, please speak to Rev’d Sue.

For further information about Confirmation within the Church of England, please click here.