Losing a loved one is a very painful experience, and St Peter’s can help to support you through this difficult time in a number of ways.

Arranging a Funeral or Memorial Service
We are always available to conduct a funeral service for those who live in our parish, or who have some definite link with St Peter’s. Please contact Rev’d Sue, who is very experienced in assisting those encountering bereavement, and can advise about some of the practicalities. Funerals can be conducted either at St Peter’s Church or, if you prefer, at a local crematorium.

Memorial Services can also be arranged, to take place immediately following a private funeral service, or a short period afterwards.

Prayer and Support
The name of your departed loved one will be included in the Pew Sheet for the week, and will be prayed for at our Sunday service.

Many people find it helpful to come to church around the time of a loss, even if they are not regular churchgoers, and you are most welcome to join us at any service. Do also consider coming to a service at the anniversary of your loss, and also adding the name of your loved one to the list of departed to be prayed for each November, when we hold our All Soul’s Day service.

How do I plan the service?
You will be prepared by your Parish Priest for the ceremony and what it entails. Here is a list of hymns especially suited to the service.

Table of Fees has been drawn up in consultation with the Diocese and the Church of England authorities, to let you know the essential and additional costs.
Please note, the fee structure for a Memorial Service is the same as for a Funeral Service.

For further information, please visit the Church of England Funeral website, including a selection of suitable readings and hymns.

What about a monument in the churchyard?
Once the service is prepared for, there is the question of erecting a monument (e.g. a headstone, or memorial tablet). In the case of a headstone, this is usually erected some months after the funeral itself, to allow the earth chance to settle. This also gives valuable time to reflect upon suitable wording for the inscription. A Table of Fees for Monuments has been drawn up to let you know the costs involved.